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Martin Schmidt expecting to see a completely different side to the team

First Team 12.02.2020, 12:01

On the Tuesday after the heavy defeat in Frankfurt (5-0), the Fuggerstädters began preparations for the next home game against SC Freiburg (Saturday, 15th February, 15:30 CET). FCA head coach Martin Schmidt spoke to us after the team’s afternoon training session about...

... Tuesday’s training: "It was the kind of training session you hope to see after a game like the one on Friday. We wanted to get straight into competitive scenarios, one-on-ones etc. We needed a training session in which the players could get it all out of their systems. Everything we wish to see from the team was demonstrated in training today. We explicitly addressed what we weren’t happy with in Frankfurt and everyone agreed that we need to show a completely different mentality as in the second half on Friday. Today, we’ve already seen a lot of what was lacking after the break in Frankfurt."

... responding to the defeat in Frankfurt: "We want to show the kind of response that we’ve shown two or three times already this season. We were very disappointed in our performance, so now we obviously need a response. So far, the team has always been able to offer one, so I have full faith in the team showing a completely different side to themselves on Saturday from what we saw in the second half last Friday."

There will always be setbacks, it’s all about how we deal with them.

... his team’s consistency: "We’ve not yet got the stability that will allow us to glide through the season the way we were doing before the winter break. We’re always trying to play at our best, but when we don’t manage to things are very quickly below par. The important thing is to curtail these bad runs - this will allow us to play with more consistency as well. We’ve not come far enough yet to chalk of every game like a top team; there will always be setbacks, it’s all about how we deal with them. I can see that we’re on the right track for redemption."

... a reunion between Florian Niederlechner and SC Freiburg: "It’s obviously a big deal for him – he’s playing at home against the team he spent two years with. He’s come here, he’s scoring goals and now he obviously wants to show his former teammates what he can do. These games are always special for players – it’s a personal challenge as well, but I’m sure he’ll perform against his former employers.

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