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FC Augsburg grants all club members an exclusive pre-emptive right to purchasing day tickets. The selling phase of tickets for FCA home games will be announced once the fixture list has been published by the DFL (Deutsche Fußball-Liga). After the exclusive member-only purchasing period, the remaining tickets will be made available to all fans. FCA will make specific announcements in this regard from game to game.

Tickets are available at the FCA service-center (Bürgermeister-Ulrich-Straße 90), via the ticket-hotline (0049) 01803-019070 (costs may vary depending on the location you’re calling from), in the online-ticketshop as well as in all Augsburger Allgemeine ticket offices. Please contact the FCA service-center directly if you are looking to purchase tickets for wheelchair users, the visually impaired or handicapped tickets.

Day ticket prices 2024/25 – Bundesliga

Blocks Category Category A Category B Category C
K,L,M,N,O Standing  17,- 16,- 16,-
K,L,M,N,O Standing reduced * 15,- 14,- 14,-
S,T,U Kat. 1a 69,- 53,- 45,-
S,T,U Kat. 1a reduced * 65,- 49,- 41,-
D,H,R,V Kat. 1b 60,- 44,- 38,-
D,H,R,V Kat. 1b reduced * 54,- 39,- 34,-
B,C,P,Q Kat. 2 52,- 39,- 32,-
B,C,P,Q Kat. 2 reduced * 48,- 35,- 28,-
B,C,P,Q Kat. 2 Children up to and including 14 years 26,- 21,- 16,-
A,Y,Z Kat. 3 45,- 31,- 25,-
A,Y,Z Kat. 3 reduced * 42,- 27,- 21,-
A,Y,Z Kat. 3 Children up to and including 14 years 23,- 17,- 13,-
E,F,G VIP Business-Seats    
I,J ** Family block 52,- 39,- 32,-
I,J ** Family block reduced * 49,- 35,- 29,-
I,J ** Family block Children up to and including 14 years: 23,- 17,- 13,-
Wheelchair users including accompanying person***   17,- 16,- 16,-
Severly handicapped including accompanying person***   17,- 16,- 16,-

* Reduction: Members, Pupils, students up to and including 26 years of age, persons doing federal voluntary service, severely disabled persons over 50%, pensioners, persons over 65 and the unemployed.
** Per adult: maximum five children at a reduced price. Smoking is not allowed in the family block.
*** Valid for wheelchair users, severely disabled persons, visually impaired persons incl. accompanying person (proof required)

M-Block is the fan block

The home-stands in the Arena can hold almost 8,500 spectators. The central block (Block M) behind the goal is the designated fan block.
Ticket holders in the fan block may encounter typical interferences, such as obstructed views. These can result from fence banners, the use of double holders and swinging flags as well as the execution of choreographies or similar. Furthermore, a stage for fan animation is situated in front of the block and a loudspeaker system has been installed in order to allow coordinated support. These potential view obstructions could also have repercussions in terms of the viewing conditions from the other standing areas.
We hope to prevent any potential conflicts with these guidelines and ask that you take the information into consideration prior to purchasing a ticket.

Away games

FC Augsburg are given 10% tickets of the opponent’s stadium capacity. Members will get an exclusive pre-emptive right to purchase tickets for popular away games. This will be made public in separate statements.
Additionally, FC Augsburg reserves the right to exclude persons from purchasing tickets in the online-ticket shop or via the ticket hotline in certain postal code areas.
Tickets for away games are available at the FCA service-center (Bürgermeister-Ulrich-Straße 90), the FCA 1907 Store (Bahnhofstraße 7) and the online ticket shop.