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Luthe: We're not slacking

First Team 28.03.2020, 10:08

For Andreas Luthe, the coronavirus outbreak is, as for us all, an unusual experience. The Augsburg stopper spoke to us about how he's keeping fit at home and what he's been getting up to outside of training.

What's been your personal experience of the outbreak here in Germany?
Luthe: "Same as everyone else, to be honest. We're getting new advice from politicians or experts by the day. I think's it's important that we as footballers follow this advice too. We're now realising how unimportant our job is, when compared to the health of many people."

FC Augsburg have missed training for a whole week, and you've been working out at home. How's that been?
This is a really strange situation to be going through in mid-March. Training at home feels a bit like the summer holidays, because we have to train at home then as well. The whole things been turned on its head now. It's tough to motivate yourself at home, but it's working and I don't think we're slacking.

How have you been spending your free time?
I've been reading a bit, and above all just enjoying my time at home, because we rarely get this much spare time. I've been chatting with my family on FaceTime a lot too to stay in touch and find out how they're doing.

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Andreas Luthe