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Ruben Vargas im Interview nach Frankfurt

Vargas: “It’s a very frustrating defeat”

Match reaction to the 3-1 defeat in Frankfurt

First Team 19.04.2024, 23:43

Leading at the break, but it ended in defeat – here is the match reaction to the 3-1 defeat to Eintracht Frankfurt.

Mads Pedersen: “We did well defensively in the first half and only allowed them the odd chance. We failed to continue in this fashion after the break. Of course we’re disappointed, but we need to focus on the next game. We want to show a different side to us next weekend and have a good chance of picking up more points in our final four games.”

Ruben Vargas: “It’s a very frustrating defeat, we started well but are leaving empty handed. We took an early lead and defended our lead until half time, but we didn’t come out well for the second half, conceded twice, and then it becomes difficult to get back into it. Naturally, we wanted the three points, but we go again and need to look positively towards the next game.”

Ermedin Demirović: “We lost the ball too easily when on the counterattack, and we should have scored a second before they got back into it. The space was there. We conceded two quick goals in the second half, and it was only then that we woke up in the second half and started to kick on again. We absolutely wanted to win tonight, so we’re disappointed – but that’s how we always are when we lose. There are still four games to go, and we’re looking ahead. We’re playing Bremen next week and we want to win that one.”

Jess Thorup (FC Augsburg head coach): “The first half went well for us; we were very compact and were winning the ball back a lot. A nice attack saw us go 1-0 up and then we had chances for a second, which we unfortunately didn’t take. We had the opposition where we wanted them. However, we were too passive in the second half and then suddenly we were 2-1 down. We made a couple of changes to try and control the game better. At the end of the day, Frankfurt deserved to win, which is why I’m disappointed.”

Dino Toppmöller (Eintracht Frankfurt head coach): “We actually started the game well, but then after giving the ball away cheaply, we went 1-0 down. The lads then started to lose their structure a bit, which meant Augsburg had one or two chances on the counter. At half time, the message was to keep calm. Our first goal was exactly how we imagined it. After we took the lead, Augsburg changed things around, but it only took two or three minutes for us to regain control. The goal on the counter after the corner then put the game to bed.”

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