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Stefan Reuter: "Words must turn into action"

First Team 25.02.2019, 23:16
FCA head coach Manuel Baum and sporting director Stefan Reuter spoke openly on Monday about the current situation following the 5-1 defeat to Freiburg last Saturday. It’s no secret that FC Augsburg find are in a difficult spot following the defeat in Freiburg. "The players were incredibly self-critical when we analysed the match," said Stefan Reuter, remind the team of their collective responsibility. “I believe that is an absolute prerequisite to take the key lessons from this current situation. It’s of course an attitude which we demand. After a game like that, it is crucial that we see a reaction from the team. Words must turn into action." Michael Baum has called for a rethink ahead of the next game against Dortmund. “We are all responsible for what happens in the next game,” told the head coach. “Our approach against Dortmund needs to be completely different, the players have said that themselves. We owe it, above all, to the fans. We need to fight for every inch and show unity.” The players are 100% on his side, he says. “That is clear from every training and discussion. We’re all pulling together." Unity is key Stefan Reuter is entertaining no discussions about the head coach. "We are behind Manuel Baum, no matter what. We expect the team to now show they can do the basics. Only by sticking together and being unified can we do that. Knowing that the team are aware, and that every player has been vocal on this issue, gives me confidence."

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Stefan Reuter