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Rexhbecaj: “We cannot bury our heads in the sand”

Press conference after Tuesday's training

First Team 09.08.2022, 18:01

After defeat in the season opener against Freiburg, Augsburg are getting ready for their first away game of the season on Saturday against Bayer Leverkusen. After a public training session on Tuesday, Elvis Rexhbecaj discussed...

... the game against Freiburg: “Unfortunately, the game did not go as we would have wanted it to. We had a couple of positives in the first half, including limiting Freiburg’s chances. The second half was frustrating, as we conceded easily – we’ve analysed this and now we’re working on it so that we can play better in Leverkusen.”

...his first days in Augsburg: “I’ve been well received by everyone here, and I’m feeling good. Now we have to get some points on the board, then I’ll be feeling even better.”

...Augsburg’s current record against Leverkusen: “Statistics are secondary. Anything is possible in football and that’s how we will be approaching the game. Leverkusen aren’t quite in the best possible situation themselves, having lost two games in a row. We want to go out with full power and take away points on Saturday.”

... the fan’s frustration: “If you lose 4-0, everyone may be annoyed. We were also annoyed. In the end, football is a results-driven sport, but it was not all bad – you can’t tie everything to the final score. We want to put our foot down harder on the gas and keep working on ourselves.”

... choosing Augsburg: “Augsburg definitely wanted me. Enno called me every week and told me his plans, which convinced me. Augsburg is no bad place, and we are now in our 12th year in the Bundesliga. There aren’t many teams who have been here so long – Augsburg are a respected Bundesliga institution.”

...his personal goals with FCA: “There are still 33 games to go – we cannot bury our heads in the sand and have to keep progressing. If we have a steady season, then we will have achieved a lot.”

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