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Pedersen: “We have to stay focused up until the last second”

Pedersen spoke following training

First Team 23.08.2022, 14:44

Following an unlucky 1-2 defeat to 1.FSV Mainz 05, Augsburg travel to Hoffenheim on Saturday. Mads Petersen discussed some things after public training on Tuesday...

...his development after 50 appearances for FCA: “The first year was a bit weird because of the pandemic, and then the second year was difficult because of my injury. Last season, I felt much better. The Bundesliga is completely different to playing in Denmark, so, I already believe that I’ve developed really well.”

...his favoured position: “In the starting eleven (laughs). I prefer playing on the left hand side, but it doesn’t matter whether that’s going forward or sitting back more. The right side is obviously different, and I have spoken a lot about it with Enno. It’s a new situation, but I like it. With myself and Iago on the outside, we have lots of pace and are really flexible.”

...Enrico Maaßen’s game plan: “I think it’s really good that we are playing more football again. I played like that with FC Nordsjælland. We already control the ball a lot more than compared to last season, but, of course, it takes time to get it perfect.”

...the start to the season: “We’ve started well, but with all the injuries it can take a bit of time to get into a rhythm. I think that it is still roughly four weeks until the international break. If we continue to work like this, results will come.”

...having fans back in the stadium: “It’s a great feeling to have the fans back after some time. When you come out to warm up, the fans are already cheering and it motivates you even more. In the last few minutes of a half, it can make such a big difference.”

...the defeat to Mainz: “We’ve learnt from it that we have to stay focused up until the last second. Mainz were more alert in that situation. In the next game, it needs to be the other way around and we need to get the goal.”

...the up-coming opposition, Hoffenheim: “We’re facing a strong side, who beat Leverkusen 3-0 at the weekend. They want to also play football, so I think it will be a great game for the fans. We want to control the game and in the end to come out on top.”

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