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Michael Gregoritsch returns to the team

First Team 26.11.2019, 11:05

Since the damaging statements made by Michael Gregoritsch about the club during the latest international break, FCA’s management have held constructive talks with the 25-year-old and have put the incident behind them. The result of the discussions is that Michael Gregortisch will return to FCA training on Wednesday and be reinstated as part of the team.

"I would like to apologise to FCA, the team and the fans for the statements I made and especially the way I did so," said Michael Gregoritsch. "I should not have expressed my frustration about my personal situation publicly, but rather address it internally. I very much regret it, especially since I’d had some good talks with the FCA club management in the summer, and the club always behaved in the appropriate way. I will now turn my attention to what lies ahead, make myself an option for the team and do everything to help us be successful."

"The talks we had with Michael Gregoritsch were open and honest," said Stefan Reuter, sporting director. "We became convinced that Michael regrets his behaviour. He has apologised for it, so we see no reason not to welcome him back into the team. He knows that this kind of behaviour is not right in a team sport, so we will give him another chance to give a response on the pitch."



Michael Gregoritsch
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