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Marco Richter delivering strong performances in Bundesliga Home Challenge

First Team 06.04.2020, 10:09

FC Augsburg's Marco Richter doesn't just score goals in the Bundesliga, as he's also proved he has a nose for goal on the virtual pitch as well. 

Richter remains undefeated across his two games as part of the Bundesliga Home Challenge: a 1-1 draw against Hannover 96 and a 3-2 win against Hamburger SV. "Just like I do in the stadium, I try to give my best when I'm playing PlayStation as well," said Richter. "The Bundesliga Home Challenge is a nice way of keeping busy while we're not able to play ourselves."

While the Bundesliga remains suspended due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the Deutsche Fußball Liga has organised the Bundesliga Home Challenge to bring football back to the fans' lives. A total of 29 German clubs, along with a referee team, are competing against one another in FIFA 20. Richter is taking part together with FCA eSports player Yannic Bederke, who qualified for the VBL Grand Final in the Virtual Bundesliga this season. Whereas Bederke is using his free time now to practice his PlayStation skills, Richter prefers to play a different game. "I actually don't play FIFA that often. My teammates Jozo Stanić, Raphael Framberger and I enjoy playing GTA together," he said.

A dream come true

While facing HSV's Sonny Kittel on Sunday night, Richter even managed to score with himself. "It's cool to score with yourself in the Bundesliga Home Challenge," he said. Early on in his career, Richter had already said that he would be extremely happy "if I can play as myself in FIFA one day."

However, the FCA striker, who has scored four goals in 22 games this season, is not entirely satisfied with his virtual self just yet. "I think my current FIFA rating could be a bit higher. Maybe that's something that will change next season," said the 22-year-old. However, one thing remains Richter's priority: "That things go back to normal soon and that we can play in front of our fans in the our stadium."

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