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Mainz match reaction

First Team 11.02.2017, 23:01
Augsburg came away from Mainz on Friday night empty handed following a 2-0 defeat. Here's what the players and managers had to say after the match. Marwin Hitz: "It's hard to explain, Mainz obviously won more 50-50 duels and had more of the ball. We spoke before the game about their strengths but we couldn't seem to do anything about their goals." Philipp Max: "The start was okay, but then we started to make mistakes and hardly won any second balls and we were being dragged all over the place. It's easy to say in hindsight, but I might have been better off shooting directly in the lead up to the first goal." Daniel Baier: "It's hard to say what went wrong out there. We lost an important game where we didn't stand our ground enough. Whoever thought we would march up the league after two wins has been proved wrong tonight." Paul Verhaegh: "We did not play well and we know we can do better. We are obviously disappointed, but we will start focusing on the Leverkusen game as soon as we come in Monday." Manuel Baum: "We had planned to do a lot but then were very passive and weren't forceful enough. What happened is exactly what we warned ourselves of before - we invited Mainz to counter and also didn't defend it well. Even with the second goal we helped them a lot, even if the throw-in wasn't taken in the correct place. Nevertheless, we tried until the end. Stefan Reuter: "I don't know what's in the air here which means we can never play well. We helped them with both of their goals and didn't defend them well, overall, we weren't really able to play our game like we had planned. The defeat was unnecessary but deserved if you take the game into account." Martin Schmidt: "It wasn't an easy situation before the game but we showed today what we can do. We didn't concede any and scored a typical Mainz goal on the counter with the first one. The work off the ball was also good so the win isn't undeserved."

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