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“It’s not hard to keep yourself motivated”

First Team 17.02.2018, 15:31
Since 2012, Jan Moravek has been at FC Augsburg. The Czech Republic international has been plagued with injuries during his time so far. Against Frankfurt, he finally returned to the starting XI. We caught up with the midfielder. A Friday curse? FCA have played 18 Bundesliga games on Friday and have on won once, losing on eleven occasions. Can you explain this trend? Really? I had no idea. That’s very odd and I can’t explain why that’s the case. It’s a same as it’s nice playing on Fridays as they you can enjoy your entire weekend. However, given that stat, I’m glad we don’t have any more Friday fixtures! 15:30 on a Saturday works just fine for me. In Leipzig, we lost 2-0. “Not our finest hour,” said head coach Manuel Baum after the final whistle. What were you thoughts on the game? Yeah I have to agree with the coach. I came on quite late so watched the game from the bench for the most part. It wasn’t our best performance and our opponent was the better team. We weren’t threatening enough. We have to put it behind us. We’re now fully focused on VfB Stuttgart. According to the stats, the possession was even. That’s true. I saw the statistics after the game. We have a lot of space in the game but Leipzig’s quality shone through. You’ve been at Augsburg since 2012. That’s a long time in modern football but your time so far has been a bit of a rollercoaster. You’ve have a number of setbacks. How would you sum up your time so far? There have been ups and downs sure but I have no regrets about joining FCA. It’s tough for Czech players to get their foot in the door in the Bundesliga – there are only five of us out here. How frustrating is it going back to square one every time after a setback? When you love football, it’s not hard to re-motivate yourself. Of course, it’s not great being injured and it’s tough watching from the sidelines. I’m someone who likes looking forwards not backwards. I’m continually improving, training regularly and feel better than I have done in a long time. Are there times where you doubt yourself? If I’m honest, there are disappointing moments but I think that’s normal as a footballer because everyone wants to play every game. In the every Bundesliga club there is competition.

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