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Herrlich: "Haben eine gute Reaktion gezeigt"

Herrlich: “We reacted well”

Post-match reaction to the win against Mainz

First Team 31.10.2020, 19:01

FCA recorded their third win of the season with a 3-1 victory against 1.FSV Mainz 05. “We were very disciplined today,” head coach Heiko Herrlich said about the game. Read on for all the post-match reaction to today’s win against the Zerofivers. 

Jeffrey Gouweleeuw:
“It was a very important game and it was tricky, because Mainz were still without a point. But, we didn’t underestimate our opponents, played well before the break and took advantage of our chances to score. We had a few issues after the break, but came back strong after conceding the equaliser. It was a well-deserved win.” 

Ruben Vargas: “We were compact and alert right from the start, were strong in possession and dictated the pace of the game before taking a deserved lead. You don’t score a goal like that every day, although I had to admit that I didn’t connect with it as well as I wanted to. After the break, it was a different game but we managed to resist, won our challenges and scored some key goals.” 

André Hahn: “It was a successful day and a good win. We played really well during the first half and were able to secure the win in the end thanks to our practice and experience. Ten points from six games is a really strong start for FCA, and we’re very happy with it. Of course I’m very pleased with both of my goals, but I have to give credit to Alfred and Noah, who set me up perfectly. We want to continue to pick up as many points as possible.” 

Heiko Herrlich: “Today was the first game this season we’ve gone into as favourites. We were very disciplined and didn’t allow the opposition anything in the first half. We were also able to convert one of our chances so that we took the lead, which was very much deserved. After the interval, we had a harder time with the Mainz pressing and we didn’t have our first shot on goal until after they had equalised. But I thought we reacted well to the setback and we piled the pressure on them again, so in the end our other goals were also in line with how well we played. But we can’t rest on our laurels now, we have to keep at it and continue to focus on developing our game.”

Jan-Moritz Lichte: “We’re disappointed overall, both with the result and with our performance. In the second half, we found a good answer to going one behind and we got ourselves back into the game. For their second, we actually outnumbered their attackers but André Hahn still managed to find room for a clear shot at goal. After that, there was no way back for us.”



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