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FCA made to sweat at training camp in Tirol

First Team 24.07.2019, 21:12
Temperatures reached 33 degrees in the Austrian town of Bad Häring on Wednesday as FCA players were put through their paces on day four of the club’s training camp. With two sessions on the day’s programme, the heat was little problem for the group. “You have to drink a lot but when you’re out on the pitch the temperature doesn’t feel as hot,” said Philipp Max. Head coach Martin Schmidt was sure to incorporate regular drinks breaks into training. “We will deal with it like we would in a game, where there would be a drinks break once per half if it were really hot. Here we gave the players the opportunity to drink some water after each training block.” After training, a lot of the players headed towards the ice bath, in order to cool down as quickly as possible and ensure optimal recovery. In the afternoon, the team were greeted with applause on the training pitch, as a group of around 40 fans had travelled from Augsburg. The trip, offered by the club and its fan clubs, had begun at midday in order to see the players in action during their second session of the day. Among the travelling fans was FCA member Silvia, who had won a members competition and will be able to be within the squad during the training camp over the next few days, along with her partner Walter. As such, the couple enjoyed a meal together with the squad at the team hotel on Wednesday evening .

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