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DFL set 16th May restart date for 2019/20 season

First Team 07.05.2020, 12:14

What has been hinted at in the past few days is now official. After the government gave the green light, the German Football League (DFL) confirmed on Thursday that, after a break of more than two months due to the Corona crisis, the Bundesliga will resume play on Saturday, May 16th.

The season continues with the 26th matchday, which was cancelled in March due to the spread of the coronavirus. The order of the game schedule will be maintained, so FCA will continue on Saturday, May 16th, (15:30 CEST) with a home game against VfL Wolfsburg. The exact schedule for matchdays 27 to 32 is still to be decided. The last two games of the season at Fortuna Düsseldorf (June 20th) and against RB Leipzig (June 27th) will take place as usual on Saturday at 3:30 p.m.

"We are relieved that the league has given the green light for the continuation of the season, even if we have to do it without fans which isn’t ideal,” explained Stefan Reuter. “It was a difficult situation for the team because they had to prepare for day X without knowing when that was going to be. The team and I are very pleased that there’s now some clarity.”

Week-long quarantine in the hotel for the team

Reuter has no problem with only having a week to prepare for the season restarting, because all clubs will be affected by it: “I think that the players are up to the task. In the past few weeks there has been a lot of athletics training and, in compliance with the regulations, also some training with the ball. If team training starts again, I am convinced that we will be well prepared for the first game."

Before the season continues, all teams must go into quarantine for one week. “We will be in the hotel for seven days from the weekend and can only commute between the training area and the hotel. We will of course be sticking to those rules. It’s also good for the players because now they have no distractions and can focus solely on the game against Wolfsburg,” said Reuter.



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