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Ermedin Demirović nach dem Spiel in Mainz

Demirović: “Our performance wasn’t good enough”

Reaction to the defeat in Mainz

First Team 17.02.2024, 19:20

FC Augsburg failed to put in a good performance as they lost 1-0 in Mainz on Saturday afternoon. A number of players were disappointed with the game – here is the post-match reaction.

Ermedin Demirović: “We expected a game like this and were prepared for it. Our performance wasn’t good enough. We only had a few chances at the end, and even then I can’t remember us creating a clear-cut chance. We don’t need to discuss whether we could have got more from today’s match. Mainz deserved to win. We need to learn from this and improve.”

Finn Dahmen: “It wasn’t a good performance by us, so Mainz definitely deserved to win. We weren’t good in a number of aspects and Mainz got the better of us. It definitely was a game that we shouldn’t have lost, but we deserved to.”

Jess Thorup (FC Augsburg coach): “We didn’t win tackles, we didn’t win second balls – Mainz were far better than us in this regard and therefore deserved to win. We know what to expect, however just speaking about it is one thing, you need to show it on the pitch as well, which we didn’t manage today. We were fortunate to only be 1-0 down at the break and we therefore had a chance of coming back in the second half, but failed to take that. We don’t want to take the focus away from our performance, but there were two potential handballs that I think we can expect the referee to take another look at. We need to critically analyse this defeat and then look ahead.”

Bo Henriksen (1. FSV Mainz 05 coach): “We played really well in the first half and could have scored two goals. It was a good start overall and I’m proud of the players because they gave their all. They put our game plan into action and played with energy, passion and emotion instead of fear. That was the most important thing for me and the next step. We need to fight in every game and carry on attacking, even when we’re 1-0 up.”

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