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Phillip Tietz zum Spiel bei Borussia Mönchengladbach

Tietz: “We showed character”

The reaction to the 2-1 win in Mönchengladbach

First Team 21.01.2024, 21:10

FC Augsburg staged a spectacular comeback against Borussia Mönchengladbach to kick off the second half of their Bundesliga campaign in style. Here’s all the reaction to the crucial 2-1 win.

Phillip Tietz: We’re very happy with how we played today. We started well, but didn’t really pick up where we left off after the interruption, which meant that we were behind at half time. The coach made his complaints heard during the break and we reacted well. We showed character and proved once again that you can never write us off. A team that shows that much heart deserved to win. We’ve got to take that with us into the next few weeks. We want to repay our fans.         

Ermedin Demirović: We were the better team today and went into the game with the goal of picking up points away from home. Our defending was good against Leverkusen, but our attackers made sure that we got our reward today. The coach boosted our confidence at half time and we believed in ourselves until the end of the game. It was really important and what we're aiminig to do in our next few games.

Finn Dahmen: It was a really important win that we’re going to celebrate tonight. It’s good to pick up points on the road again. Obviously, we’re still aiming to keep clean sheets, but winning is the most important thing.

Kristijan Jakić: I’m really pleased that the team managed to win, that’s the main thing. Of course, I’m also happy that I’ve already managed to get some game time. Augsburg is the perfect place for me at the moment and my first impressions of it have been great. It feels like a family here. The guys are great and I was very impressed with how the team looked in my first few training sessions.

Arne Engels: We played well against Leverkusen and it was clear today that we’re getting better with every passing week. We went a goal behind, but kept on trying to get forward and created chances. In the second half, we played better than we did in the first half and deserved to win.

Gerardo Seoane (Borussia Mönchengladbach head coach): Augsburg deserved to win today. We weren’t at the races at the start of either half. We made too many mistakes and didn’t apply enough pressure. It goes without saying that we’re disappointed not only with the result, but also about the fact that we didn’t perform to the best of our ability. However, FCA’s style of play also stopped us from finding our rhythm.

Jess Thorup (FCA head coach): I said to the team before the game that we need to improve our away record and that we’d get started on that tonight. We started really brightly but didn’t score. Then, we conceded and trailed at half time. We used the break to talk about morale and self-belief. I’m glad that we managed to get two goals in quick succession. We even looked to score a third after taking the lead. On the whole, we deserved to win today.

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