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Supervisory board names Markus Krapf as new FCA president

Vacancy filled

Club 06.09.2022, 16:00

Following Klaus Hofmann’s resignation, the supervisory board of Fußball-Club Augsburg 1907 e.V. has named a new president. Markus Krapf will take up the role with immediate effect, and as honorary chairman, will be representing the interests over 21,000 Augsburg members.

After many conversations with the club’s different stakeholders, including committees, fans, sponsors and employees, the supervisory board created a comprehensive profile on which to base the search for the appropriate candidate. The board unanimously elected Markus Krapf, who not only has engaged as a fan with his club for many years, but also served as managing director of the club between 2002 and 2006. The 50-year-old is firmly connected with his region, through his posts as deputy editor-in-chief of the Neue Scene magazine, and owner of the 11er Fußball.Kultur.Kneipe sports bar.

“We are pleased that Markus Krapf has taken up the voluntary role of FCA president. It was important to us that we found someone with Augsburg roots, a strong personality and ultimately a strong connection to the club. Through him, we have found a solution for the future direction of our club,” says Thomas Müller, chairman of the Augsburg supervisory board.

“Markus Krapf stood out due to his connection to the club, as well as successful employment in the past here. He combines the ability to communicate with social skills. That’s why we’re convinced that we’ve found the right president for the interests of our members,” adds Gerhard Wiedemann, deputy chairman of the Augsburg supervisory board.

“It is my honour to have been trusted by the supervisory board to take on the role of president,” said Krapf. “I will stand for seeking dialogue on all levels, pledging open communication and taking the interests of our members seriously. That’s why I’m inviting all FCA members to a members’ evening in the coming weeks,” the new president confirmed.



Markus Krapf