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Marinko Jurendic und Stefan Reuter

Stefan Reuter moves into advisory role at FC Augsburg

New organisational structure in the sporting department

Club 12.09.2023, 15:56

After the end of last season, the board of FC Augsburg 1907 e.V. led by president Markus Krapf, together with managing director Stefan Reuter, entered into constructive talks about a new direction for the club. Numerous decisions were made during these talks that have already been implemented, such as a change of organisational structure in sporting leadership with closer links between the professional side and the Paul-Renz-Akademie through the newly-created roles of sporting director and head of development.

In order to function successfully with a new organisational structure and to assign responsibilities in the operative day-to-day business, the structures and responsibilities in the sporting side are to be reorganised. In order to ensure this, Stefan Reuter will move from his position as managing director into an advisory role at the club. In this position, he will be in regular contact with the sporting and business leadership of FC Augsburg and will support these.

“In the last weeks and months, we’ve had a lot of conversations about setting the course for a new direction and creating improved structures for FCA. After nearly 11 intense years, masterminding the last transfer window and introducing sporting director Marinko Jurendic, this is now exactly the right time for me to pass on my responsibilities,” says Stefan Reuter. "I will remain available to the club and its leaders in an advisory capacity and continue to support this intended new direction in this role. I’m excited for this new challenge and am convinced that we will successfully shape the future of FCA together in this set-up.”

“We’ve been exchanging views regarding the current direction and future of FC Augsburg since the end of last season, and have devised a good plan of action which we endeavour to implement step by step. We have established a successful, solid framework for the club’s future”, shared president Markus Krapf. “Although Stefan Reuter is now stepping back from his involvement in the day-to-day operations, he will remain closely associated with the club and continue to provide advice and support. Stefan Reuter remains one of the public faces of FC Augsburg, and he will contribute massively to the long-term development of the club in his new role.”

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