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Klaus Hofmann steps down from posts at FCA due to health reasons

Change in office at presidency level

Club 13.05.2022, 17:00

After FC Augsburg secured Bundesliga football for the eleventh consecutive season, the club has announced that there will be a change in the office of the president. Klaus Hofmann resigned as president of FC Augsburg 1907 e.V. and managing director of FC Augsburg 1907 GmbH & Co. KGaA on Thursday 12th May 2022.

“For some time now, I have been suffering from increasing health problems due to the double workload of holding my roles at both FCA and my own company. That means that from a personal standpoint, I can no longer fulfil both of my duties with the usual and necessary attention. Therefore, after we managed to avoid relegation from the Bundesliga, with a heavy heart, I decided to step down from my positions as president of the e.V. and managing director of the KGaA in order to concentrate solely on my company. Health is the most important thing in life,” said Klaus Hofmann, explaining his decision before asking that there not be any questions and speculation about his health. “FCA is more than solidly positioned from a financial point of view and will continue to write the success story that it has been writing over the past few years,” said Hofmann.

“We have acknowledged Klaus Hofmann's resignation with regret, but we of course respect his decision. The coronavirus pandemic in the past few years is one of the things that has proven that our health is the most important thing in our lives. We are keeping our fingers crossed for him and wish him only the best with his health,” said Thomas Müller, chairman of the supervisory board of FC Augsburg 1907 e.V. “In his time as president since December 2014, Klaus Hofmann has really shaped the club’s development, so that FCA is now as stable as we currently see it. One of the key things he did was his donation to the club’s academy when he took office, which gave a kick-start to improving the infrastructure here – he gave the club the impetus to develop and improve. We offer our most sincere thanks to him for his remarkable care of our club over the last seven and a half years. Everybody who knows Klaus Hofmann knows how emotionally attached he is to FCA, and that this decision has not been an easy one for him. As a result of that, he deserves our utmost respect as he steps back from the club he loves so much, leaving it in a financially stable position. The main reason for this is his personal health, so we would like to wish that everything possible goes well for him,” added Gerhard Wiedemann, deputy chairman of FC Augsburg’s supervisory board.

Thomas Müller looked to the future: “Given our long history of continuity and cooperation full of trust in the executive departments, we will take the next few weeks to find a suitable successor for the role of president at the club; we will take due care and attention. One thing is clear: FC Augsburg will stuck to the principles it currently has into the future, and everyone will do all they can to create a stable and successful future for our club.”



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