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FCA install thermal cameras to monitor body temperatures

Club 06.05.2020, 11:44

FC Augsburg have taken further measures to insure the health and safety of their players and staff during the ongoing crisis. Thermal cameras have been installed at the main entrance of the WWK ARENA to quickly measure people’s body temperature.

Everyone who enters the stadium will have their body temperature measured thanks to the new cameras installed by EPS Vertriebs GmbH. The cameras can measure up to three people per second, without any contact from three metres away and they have an accuracy of 0.3°. The tests are searching for any signs of a fever, which is one of the most common symptoms of COVID-19. According to the ASTM (International-American Society for Testing and Materials), the system cannot be more than 0.3° off, otherwise it cannot be an official or exact measurement.

The partner responsible for the installation is EPS Vertriebs GmbH. The company have been active in the security industry for 40 years, selling professional products to prevent fires and for alarm and video surveillance.

Jannis Zimmer, the project leader in Germany for EPS Vertriebs GmbH, sees the cooperation with FCA as a positive signal: “The current situation is presenting the Bundesliga clubs with new challenges. We are pleased that our systems can help to provide more safety for the players and staff here. Working with FC Augsburg is a great reference project for us in professional sport and it’s also a nice example for how we can help protect people with our innovative technology.”

FCA sporting director Stefan Reuter is also satisfied with the cooperation: “As a club, we have the responsibility to look after our players as best we can, especially in the current climate. The thermal cameras are an important addition to quickly and easily ensure that we recognise the first signs of a possible infection early on, so that the correct steps can be taken.”

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