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Baum: “We never got into the game”

First Team 12.05.2018, 20:28
FC Augsburg have finished the 2017/18 season in 12th place. “This game showed once again how incredibly difficult it is in the Bundesliga when you don’t give 100 percent on the pitch,” noted Manuel Baum after the match. Andreas Luthe: “We did give everything, above all in the first half, but it was hard against this Freiburg side. They deservedly won the game because they made the most of their chances. You could see that they wanted to win at all costs and they therefore also deserved to stay up.” Daniel Baier: “Congratulations to Freiburg. They handled this tough situation, which we know well from last year, with great composure. The first half was evenly-matched, but after the break, Freiburg struck coolly and we couldn’t find an answer. Our goal was to defend our position in the table and maybe even make up another place, but we’ve ended up giving one away. Manuel Baum: “The first 45 minutes were evenly-matched, but then Freiburg went into the lead and we just didn’t get into the game. After that, we didn’t win any challenges or second balls and had no more shots on target. We saw in this game that there are a few things we have to do better next season. This match again demonstrated how incredibly hard it is in the Bundesliga when you don’t give 100 percent on the pitch.” Christian Streich: “Manuel Baum’s analysis has said everything already. Our team dealt with the pressure extremely well against a tough opponent. I don’t want to know what would have happened if we were to have gone 1-0 down, so scoring first was very important for us. We were very clinical today.” Stefan Reuter: “It wasn’t a good performance from us. Freiburg deserved the points and to stay up today. We never managed to put them under pressure. Nevertheless, we played a good season over long periods and were never in danger of being relegated, but we are still angry about today’s game. We want to develop further next season.”

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