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#augsburghältzusammen2020: FCA staff forgo portion of salary

First Team 28.04.2020, 13:06

Due to the effects of the Corona crisis, there is currently no football in Germany. It is also unclear at this stage when the Bundesliga season can be resumed and finished. One thing is clear, however: The consequences will be felt both by FC Augsburg and many other businesses and in private households.

"Even if the current season can be resumed in the near future, with or without supporters, the club will be dealing with a double-digit million revenue loss by the end of the year," said FCA’s managing director Michael Ströll. "Nevertheless, we have always made clear that we do not wish to make use of any government aid programmes such as ‘short-time work’, despite our enormous losses. Our objective is to overcome this crisis and its financial consequences through our own resources."

"It was clear from the start that a lot of people would have to pull their weight and that we would have to tighten our belts in a lot of areas, in order to overcome the situation," said Michael Ströll. Alongside club management and head coach Heiko Herrlich, the players also indicated straight away that they would forgo a portion of their salary in order to get through the difficult phase in a sensible way. "It is very important that our professional players are also waiving a portion of their salary, in order to support FCA and especially the numerous initiatives we are conducting for our society, all in the name of our motto #augsburghältzusammen2020 (#augsburgstickstogether2020),” said FCA sporting director, Stefan Reuter.

The entire coaching team, all the backroom staff and the departmental managers have all since followed suit in forgoing part of their salary. "We are all well aware that we can only overcome these challenging times together," as stressed Stefan Reuter and Michael Ströll.



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